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CABSAT will be ground-zero for the region’s next-gen on-screen entertainment revolution

February 7, 2019

CABSAT – the specialist event for the broadcast, satellite, digital media and filmed entertainment industries for the Middle East and North Africa –  is entering its 25th edition with a fresh, newly evolved format that will bring the full content creation, production, post production satellite, OTT video, eSports, digital media and entertainment ecosystem to centre stage.

Taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), March 12th-14th, CABSAT 2019 will unite the media industry’s creative experts and most sought-after tech suppliers to unpack and unveil the new consumption habits, digitisation efforts and next-gen revenue opportunities being shaped by modern audiences.

The Entertainment and Media (E&M) industry is rapidly evolving, entering a stage of higher audience expectation – a phenomenon analysts are referring to as Convergence 3.0. Total global E&M revenue will rise 4.4% over the five-year forecast period through 2022, growing to be worth $2.4 trillion, up from $1.7trillion in 2017. Moreover, digital revenue, which accounted for 50% of the industry’s income in 2018, will continue to account for a greater share of the industry’s revenues as the ecosystem continues to evolve. Consumers are hungry for content like never before, and distributors are tasked with meeting this frenzied demand.

As new streaming services, such as Spotify, enter the MENA market, and content distributors like Netflix make strategic moves into content creation, the industry is pushed to look at the rapidly evolving media ecosystem in a completely new light. Business models throughout the industry are being reinvented to unleash new revenue streams, and it is line with this shift that CABSAT’s refreshed format for 2019 will bring focus to the three most dynamic pillars of future broadcast media: content creation, content production and content distribution.

CABSAT manager Syed Ali said: “The media and entertainment industry has always been dynamic, but this year the ecosystem is predicted to evolve with a rapidity that we have never before seen. If brands do not innovate quickly, they will stagnate. To succeed in this new world of on-demand, personalised content consumption, all players need to drastically re-envision how content is created, produced and distributed.

“CABSAT has, for over two decades, kept the regional industry at the bleeding edge of technology, business modeling and emerging revenue streams. This year we are thrilled to keep the industry thinking outside of the box so that they can keep creating, producing and distributing in this, a golden age of media.”

Sanjay Raina, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Fox Networks Group, said: “Consumers are taking in media content at a never-before-seen pace. Viewers want their content options to be tailored to their tastes, and we need to meet their demands in real time. As we shift into this new era of media, industry leaders need to adapt, scale and distribute rapidly or face becoming obsolete. CABSAT is an ideal opportunity to not only unveil our solutions to the region, but to also discover the latest in international media trends and technology, as well as network with the entire MENA Entertainment and Media industry.”

CABSAT’s Content Creation pillar will be where the best minds in the industry meet. From the content creators themselves, to distributors and investors; anyone who is anyone in the industry will be a part of the CABSAT Content Marketplace, showcasing the best this region has to offer. The marketplace will provide unprecedented opportunities to network with and buy and sell filmed entertainment to the region’s major broadcast players.

As technology drives the latest innovations in the E&M ecosystem, CABSAT’s Content Production pillar will immerse attendees in the tech, gadgets and gear that will produce the next generation of content. From cameras, lenses and lighting, to blockchain, AI and 5G, new and emerging technologies such as augmented reality will continue to redefine the industry. CABSAT will feature the latest in content production gear.

Consumers in the Convergence 3.0 era demand that their content be both personalised and readily available at the tap of an app. Digitisation is redefining how consumers take on content with new Over The Top (OTT) technologies, and purpose-built platforms that facilitate “anytime, anywhere” consumption.  Brands need to capitalise on this opportunity to provide bespoke content to this generation’s demanding audiences. At CABSAT’s Content Distribution and Satellite pillar, brands like du will highlight how they are putting the power of choice into the hands of their fans.

“For 25 years now CABSAT has been the Middle East’s leading annual event for broadcasters to initially learn how the industry has changed, then get their hands on the tech driving it forward,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Events & Exhibitions Management, DWTC.

“While the technology may have changed almost beyond recognition, CABSAT still remains the premier event for those looking to make waves in broadcast entertainment – from the content creators, through photographers and videographers, to those looking for the opportunities to be discovered in live video and streaming.”

CABSAT’s many steadfast features will return to the show this year, with the Content Congress set to host the industry’s leading disruptors, and the Digital Hub set to be ground-zero for all thing OTT content. Between them, speakers from the likes of Fox International, MBC Group, ICFLIX, Zee Network, Rotana TV and du TV will dissect every hot topic across digital broadcasting and content creation, including how to meet, maintain and grow consumer/viewer interest, the best way to find content development partners, integrating social media into broadcasting, and the changing face of the media and consumer landscape – locally and internationally.

The GVF Satellite Summit will host vitally important dialogues and networking opportunities for key players in the satellite industry, while CABSAT’s Global Meetings Programme will provide exclusive, free to use, networking services allowing registered visitors and exhibitors to search, connect and book meetings with key contacts at the show.

– set to be one of the fastest growing segments in the industry in coming years – will be featuring for the first time at CABSAT 2019, with the show hosting a dedicated B2B E-sports showcase aimed at providing an opportunity to showcase and understand new monetisation models. CABSAT’s eSports Pavilion will define what eSports – growing at an incredible pace – will look like in the future, enabling opportunities for industry leaders and those who are on the cutting-edge of this emerging industry. Seminar topics will range from e-sports content and tournament organisation, to building a fanbase, e-sports governance and marketing strategy.

From the moment content is created, to the second it is consumed, CABSAT’s 25th edition will guide the region’s industry through the next revolution in the Entertainment and Media industry.

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