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Altice Portugal may not seek DTT licence renewal

February 13, 2019

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Altice Portugal has made known that it may not seek the renewal of its current DTT network operator licence when it expires.

The decision comes after the National Communications Authority (Anacom) imposed a 15.16 per cent reduction on the prices Altice Portugal charges broadcasters RTP, SIC and TVI for the distribution of their TV channels on multiplex A.

The operator even mooted the possibility of legally challenging this decision in front of an arbitration court.

In a letter sent to local authorities, to which daily Sol had access, Altice Portugal claims that the price reduction “lacks legal, technical and economic reasons”. It also expresses its “growing concern” over repeated attacks and “a totally incomprehensible and unfounded campaign” by Anacom, which “may have harmful consequences for the future of the DTT service”.

The operator also highlighted the investments it has made in DTT service, pointing out it increased territorial coverage to over 95 per cent of the population.

According to the latest available data, only 17.8 per cent of Portuguese households receive TV via the DTT platform.

Altice Portugal (Meo) received the DTT network operator license in 2008 and it expires in 2023.

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