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FreeWheel selects Nielsen DMP

February 13, 2019

Nielsen and FreeWheel, a Comcast Company have expanded their relationship to include the Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP) Nielsen’s omnichannel marketing technology.  Using the Nielsen DMP, Freewheel Markets can now seamlessly analyse, build and target advanced audiences across Connected TV, OTT and digital video.

The Nielsen DMP provides FreeWheel Markets with Nielsen media and purchase data segments, deep audience insights and segmentation that improve targeting accuracy by automatically adapting to changes in consumer media and buying behaviour.  The Nielsen DMP and FreeWheel’s server-to-server integration enables delivery of campaign optimizations in real time across all CTV, OTT and digital video channels, thereby improving campaign responsiveness and performance.

“This integration with the Nielsen DMP strengthens our DRIVE solutions suite and represents an important step toward our end goal of data unification across linear and digital TV,” said Neil Smith, GM of FreeWheel Markets. “This will help our clients more effectively plan, buy and measure audiences across all new forms of TV, with the scale, sophistication, and ease of use needed to drive superior results for advertisers as TV viewing continues to migrate across screens.”

“Nielsen and FreeWheel are making omnichannel, audience-based TV advertising a reality.  We’re first movers when it comes to the tectonic shift that’s happening in the industry – one that will soon connect advertising delivery across digital and linear TV ecosystems,” said Damian Garbaccio, EVP at Nielsen.  “Our next-generation DMP enables advertisers to easily deliver more relevant, timely and consistent brand experiences across all screens at scale, which will result in better and more attributable marketing ROI.  This is one of the most comprehensive advanced TV offerings available in the market today.”

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