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DMA Media acquires Headline NFP

February 18, 2019

DMA Media, Europe’s largest independent news producer, has bought Headline NFP, the Brussels-based facilities company.

DMA Media says the acquisition means it now has a presence and facilities in the heart of Europe, significantly expanding its capability and the services it can offer to its broadcast, corporate and online clients.

Headline NFP has been a provider of studios, lives and video production in Brussels for more than 20 years – and has worked with most of the major global news brands, including BBC News, Euronews NBC, France Télévisions, RTE, three Scandinavian public broadcasters and China’s CCTV. DMA Media can now provide specialist support and technical consultancy for its own news clients, as well as expanding the reach of Headline NFP in Europe and beyond. DMA Media is expected to open Headline studios in central London, Munich and Paris.

Headline NFP will also offer its clients DMA Media’s expertise in channel launches and operations, online newsrooms, content distribution and media relations.

DMA Media’s Founder and Group CEO, Rob Beynon, said: “There’s nobody better at doing news than Headline NFP. They have the technology, the inventiveness and the facilities to keep the most demanding broadcasters in the middle of the Europe story, reliably and efficiently.  I’ve known Headline NFP for many years, and its team of camera operators, editors, producers and engineers are world class – and they match DMA Media Group for unrivalled client service. We hope we can build on that reputation and extend Headline’s reach into new markets all over the world.”

Hans Deforce, Founder and CEO of Headline NFP, added: “This is a win-win for Headline NFP and the DMA Media Group. It means we can now use our expertise and resources for news broadcasters everywhere. The industry is changing very fast, and we will continue to strive to be ahead of things, as we have been for 20 years. With the extra resources of the DMA Media Group, we’ll be looking at a new era of expansion for Headline.”

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