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Captain Marvel set for ScreenX release

February 28, 2019

By Colin Mann

With the dawning of the first Marvel Studios heroine-led film, Captain Marvel, cinema chain Cineworld is inviting movie fans to feel more of the action-packed movie by experiencing it in 270 degrees. The film will be the second Marvel movie to be released in ScreenX in the UK, with the immersive technology helping to transport cinemagoers into the film.

ScreenX – the world’s first multi-projection theatre technology provides a 270-degree panoramic view which projects onto three walls of the cinema and was added to Cineworld’s offering in 2018. The immersive technology, amalgamates several images into one single picture which extends from the central screen outwards, enabling viewers to feel part of the film. Mimicking how the human eye interprets a visual, ScreenX appeals to both front and peripheral vision, breaking cinematic boundaries.

In alignment with this, the side walls of the cinema ensure the brightness and colour match the main screen content and speakers are placed specifically to achieve optimum sound and a truly impactful movie experience.

Cineworld launched this viewing format exclusively in the UK, opening at eight locations in 2018, including Leeds, Greenwich O2 and Watford and has recently increased this number this with the introduction of ScreenX to Newcastle.

Since opening, 120,000 tickets have been sold for ScreenX viewings and with an epic line-up of films, paired with plans for further Cineworld ScreenX locations throughout 2019, the number of viewers is predicted to increase.

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