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Full fibre network Zzoomm launches

February 28, 2019

By Colin Mann

Experienced fibre network entrepreneur Matthew Hare, who set up and developed UK rural fibre network Gigaclear in 2010, has launched Zzoomm, a new full fibre network operator.

Zzoomm will build and operate new full fibre infrastructure in towns and suburbs across the UK, delivering high quality broadband to homes and businesses which are currently only served by copper infrastructure.

“The full fibre revolution is here, but many are currently left behind,” stated Hare, CEO of the new venture. “Numerous small towns and suburbs still do not have any plans for full fibre from the network into the properties and are stuck with the pedestrian Internet access speeds that is provided by copper wires. Zzoomm is targeting some of these 4.5 million homes which are still blighted by ageing copper infrastructure,” he advised.

“We are attracting a management team with proven expertise in fibre infrastructure. We will develop the network across the country through regional operations, who will work with local communities to build the full fibre network they need for a brighter, fuller future.”

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