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Linius, Hemisphere partner for hyper-personalised advertising

March 1, 2019

Cloud-based video experience solutions provider Linius Technologies has partnered with video solutions expert Hemisphere to build a Hyper-Personalized Advertising Prototype on its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Linius Video Services (LVS).

Linius’s patented VVE unlocks video files, enabling video to be treated as data for the first time. By applying that technology to video content, Linius claims that the prototype enables advertisers to deliver and analyse any number of unique ads – with unprecedented granularity – across any number of customised video streams.

“The Hyper-Personalized Advertising Prototype is a logical extension of our strategy to encourage partners and third-parties to build solutions with virtual video on our SaaS platform, LVS,” said Linius CEO, Chris Richardson. “The Hyper-Personalized Advertising Prototype offers previously impossible data combinations, which power hyper-targeted ad delivery and analysis. And, because the ads are delivered as a single stream of data, they are immune to ad blockers.  This prototype offers a great opportunity to disrupt the global advertising industry.”

Hemisphere Managing Director Glyn Beaumont, said that the prototype offered advertisers a “unique” combination of data points through which to target audiences, delivering one-to-one promotions at an unmatched level of personalisation. “For the first time, advertisers can combine viewer, contextual and frame-level consumption data with AI-generated metadata,” said Beaumont. “No two people ever need see the same advertisement again, improving the ability to monetise ad catalogues and drive product engagement.”

Linius intend to market the solution through its existing commercial channels, to encourage ad-tech companies and others to build their own solutions and drive unique advertising content. Hemisphere has invested in the development of the prototype. Hemisphere will also maintain the solution in return for a 10 per cent share of Linius’ transaction revenue, earned by Linius and / or its affiliates, in connection with the use of the personalized advertising solution.

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