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Anevia’s Flamingo enables OTT and virtual channels

March 7, 2019

Anevia, a provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions, has released of the latest version of its Flamingo solution, the software head-end, which now enables hotels, hospitals and enterprises to implement innovative viewing experiences through OTT and virtual channels.

Anevia’s Flamingo 4.2, developed using Anevia’s inhouse expertise in OTT, offers a host of new TV services including Web TV, virtual channels and Replay TV, as well as allowing users to record content.

Thanks to the integration with Infinitum Media’s à la carte TV portal (Web TV), hotels can now increase the guest experience by offering a large choice of TV channels from all over the world, with cleared license rights.

This new release can also create virtual channels with content that is specific to the customer’s business, including adverts and its own internal programming. It treats such content as a TV channel within the Flamingo 4.2 head-end, rather than playing it from a separate media player.

Ivonne Prugnaud, Vice President Sales Worldwide Enterprise, Anevia commented: “The world is becoming more global, and the number of international guests at hotels is exploding. What channels people choose to watch on TV, and in what language, will vary from country to country. So it’s crucial for hotels to offer a wider range of channels – including Web TV. We’re excited to be making this possible through Flamingo 4.2, with a pre-integrated catalogue of foreign channels.”

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