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Spain speeds up DTT migration

March 11, 2019

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish Administration aims to release the 694-790 MHz band occupied currently by DTT to the benefit of 5G services as soon as possible. The cabinet has approved an urgent Royal Decree that regulates the DTT migration with a new Technical Plan to be completed before June 30th 2020.

In view of a general elections on April 28th, the Government is speeding up all the process on the grounds that it is an imperative to meet the EU mandate on the issue.

The new Spanish Administration will have to allocate €172 million to help Spaniards retune their antennas in the second digital migration. Spaniards must retune their antennas before DTT transmissions are switched off in the 694-790 MHz band by June 2020.

Under the new DTT plan, broadcasters must release the current 694-790 MHz band for 5G services and use the 470-694 MHz band with radioelectric channels from 21 to 48. Broadcasters will operate the same and the current 8 digital multiplexes (RGE1, RGE2, MPE1, MPE2, MPE3, MPE4, MPE5 and MAUT) will keep nationwide and regional coverage – but must migrate to HD before January 1st 2023.

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