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DirecTV NOW hikes pay-TV fees by $120 per year

March 13, 2019

By Chris Forrester

Current subscribers to DirecTV NOW (owned by AT&T) in the US will have to stump up at least $10 (€8.85) a month extra for their viewing.

The new rates will evidently come into effect shortly and will see the end of the current ‘basic’ fees and instead see two higher-prices packages introduced – at $50 and $70 a month – and reportedly will see the end of some broadcaster’s packages being included. The existing $40 per month minimum package – plus three other bundles – will no longer be offered.

DirecTV NOW, the ‘lite’ bundle already on offer, has suffered losses of some 267,000 subs in the pre-Christmas quarter year.  One market observer has forecast that ‘NOW’ will see losses of some 820,000 subs this year.

DirecTV NOW PLUS will cost $50 a month and provide 40+ channels.
DirecTV NOW MAX will cost $70 a month and provide 50+ channels.

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