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Spain’s new DTT plan under CNMC scrutiny

March 14, 2019

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish regulatory body CNMC has urged the Administration to amend the new DTT plan to avoid technological discrimination in the extension of DTT in isolated areas.

In particular, the CNMC has asked to change the conditions to be met by public initiatives to extend the DTT coverage allowing the distribution of DTT on any technological platform.

In its report about the new DTT plan, the CNMC also urges the Administration to clarify “as soon as possible” how the digital migration will be financed, and the compensation plans.

The CNMC believes that the release of the 700 MHz band is “very positive” along with the guaranteed continuity of the DTT licences. The regulator welcomes the Goverment’s HD and UHD plans, and that the 470-694 MHz band is used for DTT at least until 2030.

To carry out the DTT migration, the CNMC has requested a major clarification of all the process with the agreement of all involved parties (operators and Administration).

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