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Bergström named Vionlabs CEO

March 26, 2019

Vionlabs has continued its growth and expansion by appointing former Edge Gravity CEO Marcus Bergström as its new CEO. With this appointment, Vionlabs says it is significantly strengthening its capabilities in handling larger international clients and scaling up the organisation to meet the increased demand.

Arash Pendari, founder and former CEO of Vionlabs will stay in the company and the leadership team and willnow focus on the role of Creative Director and Product evangelist of Vionlabs.

Pendari stated: I’m delighted to have someone as experienced and talented as Marcus to join the team. Marcus has a scaling-up mindset and the hands-on skills and network to take Vionlabs to next level. With Marcus onboard to lay down the foundation and strategy for our international expansion we have everything we need to grow from a primarily Nordic-focused company to support the massive interest from the global community of players in the pay-TV and SVOD field, with Marcus at the helm I am certain that we can increase the speed beyond what we ever thought possible.

Bergström added: “I’m delighted to lead the work with taking Vionlabs from a rising star in the industry to a world-class Content Discovery player serving a global customer base of pay-TV, SVoD, TVoD, and Broadcasters. Vionlabs fingerprint technology has a completely unique approach to understanding the enduser that goes beyond keywords and traditional metadata analysis. The timing is perfect for Vionlabs as we see the market increasing their investments into OTT video and Vionlabs technology will help our customers unlocking new revenue streams.

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