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FreeWheel launches DRIVE ad solution in UK

March 26, 2019

FreeWheel, a Comcast company and advertising management solution, has launched DRIVE for the UK market: a suite of unified advertising solutions for the modern TV ecosystem that gives marketers real-time, large-scale reach across premium audiences — covering the full scope of OTT, set-top box, VoD, connected TV and digital video.

FreeWheel says it has created DRIVE as the next stage in the evolution of the industry, offering marketers a complete set of features to enrich and support OTT measurement capabilities in Europe.  DRIVE’s main goal is enabling marketers to apply data-driven speed, efficiency and ease to one pool of connected inventory. FreeWheel has also equipped its new solution with sophisticated performance assessment tools that can be used to create a complete view of offline and online TV impact.

Originally launched in the US with partner Nielsen’s capabilities, FreeWheel will announce further major OTT measurement partnerships for the European market before the end of the year.

“One of the key challenges for advertisers to date has been reaching consumers at scale and assessing overall TV reach across linear and digital viewing,” commented Massimo de Magistris, VP, Head of FreeWheel Markets International.  “With new TV viewing options now open to consumers and more innovative ways to deliver targeted ads, FreeWheel, powering nearly every major publisher’s and MVPD’s digital video advertising, is perfectly positioned to offer smarter solutions to connect marketers more intelligently with audiences.”    Designed for a new era of integrated media-buying and campaign management, DRIVE is intended to help streamline the convergence of TV and digital: bringing together not only digital and linear inventory, but also buyers and sellers.

De Magistris added: “Europe needs greater alignment with the US when it comes to market maturity. In addition to any technological challenges, key players must educate and collaborate with partners on both the buy side and the sell side. By functioning as a bridge between supply and demand, our Drive media solution will pave the way for a smarter, faster, and more productive omi-channel TV advertising across Europe that optimises engagement and returns on both sides.”

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