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UK Lords to discuss PSB SVoD threat

March 29, 2019

By Colin Mann

The Communications Committee of the House of Lords – the UK parliament’s upper chamber – is to question academic experts on April 2nd as part of its inquiry investigating whether there is a future for public service broadcasting in the context of the rising popularity of VoD services.

In the week following Apple’s announcement that it will develop its own streaming service, the Committee will examine how such services are shaping the market for TV and TV-like content and what place there will be for public service broadcasters in the future.

The Committee will also consider whether the current framework for regulating broadcast and on demand services is appropriate and if the UK can learn from the responses of other countries.

Topics the Committee is likely to cover include:

  • Whether the business models of commercial public service broadcasters are at risk
  • Whether public service broadcasters’ obligations and privileges are still appropriate
  • The viability of the new Britbox service
  • The changing viewing habits of younger generations
  • Increases in the cost of producing high-quality programmes.

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