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Mediawan, Alchimie extend partnership

April 2, 2019

Alchimie, the content aggregation and dynamic distribution company, has announced a new agreement with French media and entertainment conglomerate, Mediawan, extending its current partnership to include a replay / catch up service for nine themed Mediawan linear channels to subscribers on Alchimie’s Watch-It OTT platform. The catch-up service allows content on AB3, ABXPLORE, RTL9, Action and Crime District, freeing subscribers from scheduled linear viewing of Mediawan channels and allowing them the ability to catch up on must-see shows.

“Alchimie’s agile and dynamic approach to marketing combined with its intelligently curated OTT channels, creates and attracts new audiences to existing premium content, and complements Mediawan’s approach to special interest channels and content. It makes complete brand and commercial sense to extend our current partnership to offer Watch-It subscribers the flexibility to catch up with Mediawan content whenever they want.” Said Richard Maroko, CEO Mediawan Thematics.

Alchimie’s streaming platform Watch It! provides OTT access to Mediawan’s linear channels via subscription to various access providers, including BT, Apple store, Google Play, and via the internet. This new extended partnership sees Alchimie instantly turn linear content into online files for catch-up viewing of premium programmes, shown earlier on the channels. The partnership delivers a revenue share to rights holders from all Mediawan content viewed through the OTT platform Watch It, which is automatically generated and distributed via Alchimie technology.

“Life has changed and is more fluid now, audiences expect to view content when they want to, which doesn’t always coincide with the linear broadcast, or an appointment to view. We have a great partnership with Mediawan, with a similar outlook and focus on themed content. We’re very pleased to extend our relationship and now offer Watch It audiences more versatility in the way they view Mediawan content.” Said Nicolas d’Hueppe, CEO, Alchimie.

Alchimie themes, curates and dynamically promotes its channels to generate new audiences for existing content. Working in partnership with rights holders and owners on a revenue share basis, Alchimie’s services provide digitisation, translation, subtitles, dubbing and dynamic promotion for premium content, which Alchimie delivers as part of its channel bouquets.

Alchimie’s OTT channels reach millions of subscribers worldwide via a variety of platforms including EE, Vodafone, IoS, Apple TV, Android TV, Orange, 02, T-Mobile and others, introducing new OTT audiences to existing programmes.

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