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V-Nova launches PERSEUS platform

April 2, 2019

V-Nova, a provider of video compression solutions, has announced the launch of its cloud-based SaaS transcoding and delivery platform for enhanced PERSEUS Plus h.264 and native h.264 encoding. The platform enables service providers and third party streaming platforms to rapidly launch PERSEUS Plus enhanced services offering higher quality video at up to 50 per cent lower bitrates to a multitude of existing devices.

Running on AWS, the PERSEUS platform can be integrated into any service via APIs and utilises industry standard security and scalability practises for operator-grade robustness and uptime. The platform is also fully integrated with Amazon CloudFront enabling immediate distribution of content, or operators can push to any CDN of their choosing.

PERSEUS Plus is a unique compression technology that enhances the compression and computational performance of existing codecs such as AVC/h.264, HEVC, VP9 and in the future AV1. Supported by a broad range of industry-standard players, apps can be software-updated to support PERSEUS Plus with decoding leveraging existing hardware for the best possible power-consumption.

Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder at V-Nova, said: “Moving transcoding services to the cloud, in particular for live streams, has remained economically challenging for many operators despite the clear benefits. However, the PERSEUS platform redefines those dynamics completely. I invite operators of all shapes and sizes to trial it alongside their existing encoding pipelines and see the results for themselves – thanks to the platform we can have them up and running in no time.”

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