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Limelight helps maximise ad revenue and prevent piracy

April 8, 2019

Limelight Networks, a provider of edge cloud services, will showcase Limelight Realtime Streaming, the industry’s first globally scalable interactive sub-second live video streaming solution at NAB 2019. Limelight will also highlight new video delivery services to help maximise ad revenue from online video and combat piracy of video assets.

Limelight Realtime Streaming makes it easy for online content providers to stream live video from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in less than a second, ensuring online viewers enjoy the action at the same time—or possibly even before— broadcast viewers. It also allows realtime data to be integrated with the live video stream, enabling the creation of interactive online experiences that increase viewer engagement and offer new opportunities to monetise live video streams.

“We can’t afford any latency in our business. Our customers want to enjoy the action when it happens so it’s critical that we deliver live events in realtime,” said Peder Drege, Chief Architect Streaming at Sportradar, a leading global provider of sports data intelligence. “Limelight Realtime Streaming ensures our customers get a fast, reliable, and high-quality video streaming experience without interruption.”

“Since its launch in September, Limelight Realtime Streaming has received the strongest reception for a new product launch in Limelight’s history. Customer interest in delivering truly realtime global video streaming of live events, as well as the creation of innovative interactive live video experiences, has been overwhelming,” said Nigel Burmeister, VP of Marketing at Limelight. “Whether it’s delivering live online sporting events in realtime, sports betting or online casino games, interactive esports streaming, live auctions, or online trivia games, Limelight Realtime Streaming is changing how viewers experience live events online and helping content providers deliver new value-added experiences.”

Limelight is also announcing new features to its Video Delivery Services including:

  • Forensic Watermarking: Limelight has streamlined the process of protecting premium online video content with forensic watermarking at the edge. By dynamically adding unique imperceptible watermarking to content as it is delivered to each viewer, content distributors can easily provide high-quality video and audio to their customers while ensuring traceability of media assets to combat piracy and content leakage. Limelight’s CDN platform and ARC Light Edge processing easily integrates with major forensic watermarking solutions. A major Hollywood studio is using NAGRA NexGuard watermarking applied dynamically by Limelight ARC Light for its TV and movie streaming service providing unparalleled scalability and security for watermarked video delivery. And a leading OTT provider is using Irdeto with Limelight video delivery to dynamically watermark content as it is delivered to viewers.
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion: Limelight is also announcing the availability of server-side ad insertion capabilities through the AdSparx DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) platform. By dynamically inserting ads into live and on-demand video streams as they are delivered to viewers through Limelight’s global content delivery network, content distributors can easily bypass the limitations of traditional client-side ad insertion solutions that provide inconsistent viewing experiences and are susceptible to ad blockers. Now, over-the-top (OTT) video providers can maximise ad revenue by seamlessly inserting targeted advertisements into live and on-demand video content that is delivered by Limelight.

Limelight will be showing Limelight Realtime Streaming live at NAB in the South Hall Upper booth #SU5924.

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