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BitMovio, Endemol Shine partnership

April 17, 2019

Next-generation gamified video entertainment marketplace BitMovio is partnering with Endemol Shine International, the sales and distribution arm of global production and distribution company Endemol Shine Group, to bring over 600 hours of its top content to the marketplace.

Endemol Shine Group has created dozens of iconic reality, talent and game show franchises worldwide, many of which will now be available to BitMovio audiences, including Total Wipeout UK, Charm School, Flavor of Love, For the Love of Ray J, Rock of Love, Surreal Life, The Almost Impossible Game Show UK.

In addition, BitMovio launched its open beta for web browsers and Android-based devices in March 2019. Audiences can now access the open beta in the Apple iOS devices as well.

“We recently welcomed in global audiences to join our open beta and engage with content creators and community through a variety of interactive features and payment models, including through cryptocurrency and our innovative MoviBits virtual currency and rewards product,” advised Simon Zhu, Co-founder and CEO of BitMovio. “It’s important that we continue to bring new premium content to our platform as well, while we continue to release platform feature updates. We’re looking forward to seeing how viewers respond to Endemol Shine’s collection of popular shows.”

“We are continuously looking for new ways to reach audiences around the world with our programming and BitMovio bring a new exciting approach to managing, distributing and monetising video content,” added Cathy Payne, CEO of Endemol Shine International. “We believe that this innovative platform will enable viewers to access our content however they want, whenever they want.”

Content creators can create personalised channels on BitMovio with pre-recorded content, programmed content and livestreams via mobile or desktop, and set flexible pricing and business rules to instantly engage with their global audience. Viewers can enjoy both free and paid content and interact directly with content creators and other members as well as support content creators by tipping and gifting.

Throughout the open beta, BitMovio plans to launch new features that help members further engage with each other and with content and provide innovative tools and methods to enable proper compensation of the value and attention contributed by content creators and consumers. Today, the company is also releasing updates to its MoviBits in-platform virtual currency referral rewards programme and its reward-based video advertising service for mobile products to further enrich the platform’s interactive and rewarding experience. The latter will enable BitMovio users to earn MoviBits by viewing ads, adding another compelling gamification layer to BitMovio’s platform.

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