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New Horizons, the DTG Summit sets vision for the future of the global media and TV landscape

April 17, 2019

The Digital TV Group (DTG) today announces details of its annual conference. New Horizons, the DTG Summit, will explore the UK’s position in the global media and communications landscape, and establish how the UK can maintain its lead in innovation. The summit will take place on the 8th May 2019 in London.

As the media and TV landscape becomes increasingly global in reach, more competition is fueling greater innovation within the industry, and new technological innovations are changing how TV is consumed. Economic factors are also impacting the UK’s position in shaping the future of TV and broadcast. New Horizons, the DTG Summit, will be exploring the new and changing horizons of the industry.

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Scientist and Broadcaster, James Burke, Broadcaster, Historian and Author, and Jon Culshaw, impressionist and lifelong astronomy enthusiast, will lead discussions around the impact of televising historic events in the “Out of This World” session.

Dr Maggie, renowned science broadcaster and research fellow who presents The Sky at Night, will speak on how coverage of major scientific events, such as the Apollo moon landing, has inspired a generation of scientists. She will also discuss the role of TV in encouraging more children into STEM subjects. James will share how he told the story of the moon landings for the BBC, from both a personal and technical point of view. James began working at BBC TV on Tomorrow’s World, and was the main presenter of the BBC’s coverage of the first manned Apollo moon landing in 1969—which took place 50 years ago this summer. Jon will take the stage with Dr Maggie and James, discussing TV’s influence on his own personal interest in the cosmos.

Other sessions at New Horizons, the DTG Summit will include:

  • Paul Lee, Global Head of Technology at Deloitte, discussing digital disruption from China
  • Claudia Vaccarone, Senior Strategy Advisor at the European Broadcasting Union, discussing the threat facing public service broadcasters
  • Susie Buckridge, CEO of YouView, Jonathan Thompson, CEO of Digital UK, and Alistair Thom, Managing Director at Freesat, leading the conversation on collaboration
  • Graeme Hutcheson, Director of Advanced Advertising at Sky, Alison Davis, Industry Lead for Telco at IBM, David Cutts Managing Director at S&T, and Matt Hill, Director of Research & Planning at Thinkbox debating advancements in TV advertising

The summit will also host discussions on esports, the continued streaming phenomenon, the future of online video, personalisation and the impact of Brexit on Britain’s media industry.

“The media and entertainment industry continues to evolve, and new technologies, along with social and economic factors, are having a huge impact on how consumers engage with content. The UK has historically played an important role in the development of television, and today continues to play a key part in shaping how the TV industry responds to these changes—which is why this year’s DTG Summit is dedicated to discussing and debating the areas that are driving the most change,” said Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO at DTG. “We believe it’s important to bring the industry elite together to collaborate, discuss, and help move the broadcast industry forward. By focusing on how we can harness the opportunities of global distribution, and offering an insightful assessment of what new entrants mean to the existing market, this year’s summit promises to explore and inform the horizon for the media and communications industry.”

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