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G-Core Labs unites World of Tanks players and International Space Station

April 24, 2019

G-Core Labs, an international cloud and edge leader in web performance, content delivery and security, has united thousands of World of Tanks players and viewers located on all the official streaming sites of this popular game with the International Space Station. Using the G-Core Labs cloud-based media platform, the uninterrupted retransmission of the World of Tanks special event, dedicated to the celebration of World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics, was provided around the world.

From April 12th to April 15th, the world’s largest online game users were receiving combat missions directly from the ISS in a real time. The game began with live greetings from orbit of Alexei Ovchinin and Oleg Kononenko, the crew of the ISS. Another cosmonaut of Roscosmos Oleg Artemyev, the hero of Russia, held a space online quiz for tank lovers, an interactive online poll on space and space technologies topics with prizes for erudite viewers.

Wargaming, the developer of international best-selling games World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes and many others, uses the G-Core Labs cloud-based media platform to transmit a stable signal to all continents for more than six months, but the teams prepared for the implementation of this project as carefully as possible.

“We were tasked with ensuring the exponential quality of a seamless broadcast without buffering and interruptions. Our media platform was gathering all video streams (main and backup), which further were being distributed to all points of viewers presence in the web. The main specificity of this project was connected with the need to synchronize with the International Space Station, which, as is known, makes 16 revolutions around the Earth in 24 hours, and there were 4 game days ahead. Our team quickly created an additional software, which allowed to meet this challenge and to continue to broadcast uninterruptedly the special information and entertainment content for 3 days after the event itself. The audience was able to watch this stream at In general, the preparation for the project by G-Core Labs took no more than 3 days, players and viewers were satisfied with the result,” said Andre Reitenbach, managing director of G-Core Labs.

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