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Travelxp 4K on Deutsche Telekom

May 17, 2019

By Chris Forrester

Mumbai-based Travelxp’s 4K HDR version launched earlier this week on Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta TV package.

Travelxp is very much ‘all 4K’ and for the past year or so has been shooting only in HDR thus giving viewers the true ‘Wow’ factor.

“‘One world and no boundaries’ has always been the core philosophy of Travelxp. The popular global travel channel, Travelxp 4K has now partnered with Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies to broaden out its reach in Germany. What’s more, Travelxp 4K will air localised shows in Germany, thus promising a pure indulging content to its television audience,” said the company.

“We are delighted to add Travelxp 4K HDR to our platform as our continued commitment to providing quality content to all our consumers. Travelxp 4K HDR is a high-quality channel and we look forward to adding it to our affiliate company Zuhause Kabel sometime very soon,” said Dr. Sven Weissenfels, Senior Manager/Content Partnering TV.

Sumant Bahl, MD/Europe/Travelxp, added: “Deutsche Telekom has a huge audience base. We’re glad to have it as our important distributor of premium travel content. Most of our viewers fall under the age group of 15-70 years and Germany’s TV audience is precisely that. The Pay-TV industry [in Germany] is growing every day and we thank Deutsche Telekom for giving us an opportunity to offer unique and experiential travel shows.”

Travelxp has travelled to more than 55 countries and Germany has been a part of its journeys. With a 100 per cent original travel content, Travelxp 4K shows bring out the beauty of Destination, Lifestyle, Food, Culture, Nature and Heritage. Some of its popular shows include Off The Grid, Backpack, Xplore and City Breaks.

Travelxp says it has constantly been expanding its distribution in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa. It is the single largest producer of travel content and all in brilliant HDR quality, Travelxp promises a never seen before experience of traveling through a detailed research and interesting narration on TV.

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