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Virgin Media Ireland begins new campaign announcing Smart WiFi

May 17, 2019

Virgin Media Ireland has today launched a major new campaign marking the launch of our game changing Smart WiFi technology providing all broadband Virgin customers who are already enjoying Ireland’s fastest broadband network with an increased level of in home WiFi reliability.

The campaign is all about new technology which Virgin Media has now activated in all customers’ WiFi hubs:

Channel Optimisation is a game-changing addition to the Virgin Media modem. The system automatically chooses WiFi channels with the least amount of interference aiding the best connectivity and fastest service is obtained by all devices being used in the home.

Airtime Fairness is a second addition that ensures fair allocation of airtime to connected devices so they achieve their highest possible speeds.

The new campaign has been devised by London based agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH). Virgin Smart WiFi will run over 12 weeks across TV, radio, online, print and social.

It tells the story of how Smart WiFi optimises and improves the WiFi connectivity of a modern day family and adapts itself to ensure the whole household can stay online without issues.

Set in the early morning, the TV advert shows a leader briefing various entertainment characters about how they’ll be ‘consumed’ that day, and how to work together to ensure seamless WiFi consumption. It’s not until the end that that we understand this was a metaphor to show the workings going on inside the Virgin Media WiFi hub.

Created by BBH, the campaign celebrates the uniqueness of Virgin Media’s broadband speed and the reliability that only they are capable of delivering.  Fast-paced and action-packed, it depicts characters and personalities from previous Virgin Media spots.

Niamh O’Driscoll, Senior Manager for Brand, Marketing and Communications at Virgin Media, said: “Smart WiFi is the latest innovation from Virgin Media. It’s WiFi that optimises accordingly, looking after itself so you don’t have to.

“There’s a lot of noise and confusion out there around what comes next for broadband and WiFi and the focus up to this point has been around the race to improve speed of service, but we want to focus on what consumers get from their service and their quality of connectivity for multiple devices.

“Currently, we have an average of a little over ten devices using a Virgin Media WiFi hub in a home at present. That number is expected to rise to as many as 50 devices in the years ahead and what we have at Virgin Media is a hub that is ready for that level of increased consumption.

“The power of our proposition is that we bring connectivity and entertainment together in an irresistible way. The best entertainment needs awesome connectivity, so whether you’re streaming, downloading or gaming online we’ve got the connectivity that’s up to the job.”

The campaign is based on the insight that, due to its unrivalled network and WiFi connection, Virgin Media is able to deliver a reliable and seamless entertainment experience, direct to the home.

The film was written by Nick Gill, Creative Director at BBH and directed by Brian Aldrich from the production company, Furlined.

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