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Vectra chose Teleste as a vendor of optical nodes for a network upgrade in Poland

June 3, 2019

Teleste has been selected as a vendor of optical nodes for Vectra, a leading telecommunication operator in Poland. The frame agreement between the companies consists of more than 1000 of Teleste’s E8 1.2 GHz optical nodes, which will be delivered to Vectra by the end of Q1 2020.

Vectra is the second largest telecommunication operator in Poland with a cable network of  almost 2 800 000 homes passed. The company offers its customers with services including cable television, broadband internet access – fixed and mobile – as well as fixed and mobile telephony. With Teleste’s E8 node, Vectra is upgrading its cable infrastructure to DOCSIS 3.1® data transmission capacity in order to guarantee the future availability of services such as high-speed internet, VOD and online TV for their subscribers.

“With their high product quality and proven track record as a vendor of DOCSIS 3.1-compliant network products, Teleste was able to meet the requirements of our network upgrade. We trust that the combination of high performance and user-friendly features of their E8 node helps us transform our network in a reliable and future-proof manner”,  stated Bartłomiej Irzyński, CTO of Vectra.

Supporting DOCSIS 3.1 frequencies, Teleste’s E8 is a compact optical node platform offering advanced technical features, outstanding performance and innovative, yet practical functionalities. The node features, for example, a universal control that ensures its optimal performance by automatically aligning gains and levels of amplifier stages.

“We are pleased to support Vectra in the development of their cable infrastructure. In the highly competitive cable market, excellent product quality is certainly one of the major prerequisites for meeting consumers’ demand for more and more internet speed and increased service reliability”, stated Rami Kimari, vice president of HFC Networks for Teleste.

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