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DCA: “YouTube only pulls content in face of public disdain”

June 6, 2019

YouTube’s plans to take down videos promoting hate speech and extremism – by removing thousands of videos promoting neo-Nazism, white supremacy and bigotry – continues Google’s modus operandi of taking action only when public dissent builds to a boil, according to the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA),

Speaking on the matter, Tom Galvin, executive director of the DCA, said: “Time and time again, it seems that only great public pressure, not the company’s values, forces Google to take action and do the right thing. Too often, Google only pulls down controversial content – that is generating advertising revenue – when faced with great public or governmental disdain. How many people had to suffer from through painful public persecution before Google and YouTube executives decided homophobic videos fit their definition of unacceptable behavior?

“Hopefully, Google will start putting society’s interest above that of its own bottom line. However, if Google’s track record is any indication, we shouldn’t get our hopes too high,” concluded Galvin.

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