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MediaMath launches contextual ad targeting solution

June 12, 2019

MediaMath, an independent programmatic company for marketers, has announced the launch of its buy-side video contextual targeting solution for programmatic video. MediaMath is providing brands and agencies the ability to target video campaigns based on the context of each video being watched, enabling them to reach engaged audiences while viewers are watching correlated and relevant programming. Additionally, the offering empowers brands to better protect their audiences by selecting the types of content they do not want to be associated with, enhancing overall targeting, control and brand safety.

The new solution is made possible through a partnership with IRIS.TV, the market leader in video intelligence and programming solutions. IRIS.TV provides deep and unique integrations with publisher content management systems (CMS) and major video players across the industry with their existing video recommendations product. By activating contextual data on video inventory, IRIS.TV is able to surface the context of video content to ad servers in any video playback environment – enabling MediaMath marketers to reach relevant and relatable content.

“Publishers and advertisers can now match premium content with relevant video advertising in real-time and across multiple platforms, ensuring a better overall experience for the viewer,” said Mike Fisher, vice president, Advanced TV & Video, MediaMath. “Our new solution ensures a more engaged and valuable audience for publishers, while advertisers enjoy better targeting and control of their message.”

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