Advanced Television

ITV UHD “in the next couple of years”

June 14, 2019

By Chris Forrester

UK commercial broadcaster ITV has said that UHD is high on their agenda. Tom Griffiths, ITV’s Director of Broadcast & Distribution Technology, explained to delegates at the SES UHD Conference in London that setting aside ‘regionality’ which was another quite separate challenge, was very expensive and might require a different approach to that currently in use. But for UHD it was “definitely in the planning stage” and would probably be available “in the next couple of years”.

Griffiths said UHD applied to programming currently being worked on, but delivering UHD end-to-end was certainly a challenge and it was still to be decided whether that content went over what he described as “traditional” platforms, and final delivery methods had still to be determined.

“However, we are already looking at sport which is a major draw for our viewers and definitely in UHD but we have to be totally certain as to the costs involved and ensure we do not suffer negatively in that regard. Drama is also a definite for UHD. Our daytime output would be much harder [to apply in UHD].”

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