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Fandango partners with customer lifestyle firm CleverTap

June 27, 2019

Fandango Latin America, the region’s leading online movie ticketing service, is leveraging CleverTap’s Intent Based Segmentation (IBS) capability to improve marketing results and accurately predict campaign ROI. IBS helps the Fandango team optimise purchase experience, increase retention rates and improve outcomes for undecided users with personalized content.

IBS is a segmentation technique that uses CleverTap’s Coeus Data-Science Engine to segment an audience based on how high (or low) their intent is to perform (or not perform) a set of actions such as uninstalling an app or purchasing a ticket. Using three Intent Segments – Most Likely, Moderately Likely and Least Likely – IBS enables highly-targeted messaging campaigns that drive niche user groups toward a path of conversion.

“At Fandango Latam, we embrace cultures and viewing habits of audiences across 5,500 screens in 11 countries. CleverTap’s experience optimization platform helps us deliver personalized engagement while driving growth on a single, integrated web and mobile app platform,” said Sergio Tang, Marketing Director at Fandango Latam. “Using IBS has helped us to proactively identify a subset of users likely to uninstall the app from an install base of almost a million users. Sending focused campaigns to a subset of 2,000 to 3,000 people reduced our uninstall rates by 1 to 2 percent and lowered campaign costs significantly.”

With the deployment of CleverTap IBS, Fandango Latam brings a deeper context to its marketing strategies and develops new ways of delivering compelling experiences, including:

     Optimizing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by identifying users most likely to uninstall based on intent and motivate them to stay with the app with relevant content recommendations.

     Increasing Monthly Active Users (MAU) by engaging micro-segments that can actually be influenced based on real-time intent instead of spamming a broad database of users.

     Saving time and marketing budget on promotions to users who would have purchased a ticket anyway (most likely segment).

     Creating tailored messaging, creatives and offers for undecided users (moderate and least likely segment)

Fandango Latam is moving away from static rule-based marketing to goal-based marketing that identifies the most likely customer segments to accomplish an outcome based on dynamic, real-time digital interactions of users for a much more contextual and scalable approach.

“Growth teams often spend a significant portion of their marketing budget on acquiring users. However, boosting conversion, lifetime value and retention rates is an ongoing challenge. With Intent Based Segmentation, you can adopt different campaign strategies to tip fence sitters over to purchase, or try some Hail Mary’s at your least likely to purchase audience. You can even leave your most likely to purchase audience alone. Understanding intent is a pretty strong campaign optimization technique to drive higher conversions and reduce churn,” said Sunil Thomas, Chief Executive Officer at CleverTap.

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