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Linius, SportsHero commercial deal

July 1, 2019

Promising a world-first: giving every football fan their own football channel, hyper-personalised video experiences cloud-based solution provider Linius Technologies has entered into a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with SportsHero Limited via their respective wholly-owned subsidiaries.  Linius Technologies Limited has invented and patented the Video Virtualization Engine.

SportsHero Limited has developed an Australian sports prediction platform, designed to provide a dynamic immersive social experience, coupled with both monetary and other prizes. Under the MSA, SportsHero will have the rights to use the Linius technology in the SportsHero app.

On  March 25th, SportsHero announced it had entered into an exclusive agreement with the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI. Under the agreement, SportsHero is the exclusive provider and partner to build PSSI’s first official platform, including social media, merchandise/e-commerce, game highlights and player access.

Linius CEO, Chris Richardson, commented: “This truly is a world’s first for soccer, or any sport for that matter, and we’re very excited to be working with SportsHero to provide every PSSI soccer fan with the ability to create their own channel. Fans will be able to completely customise content based on their viewing preferences. Millions of fans will have the ability to create, watch and share millions of personalised channels. Our unique data-driven video assembly is delivering personalised TV to the world – no one else can do this.”

“We are thrilled to be delivering, with Linius, one of the world’s first personalised video capabilities for our client, PSSI,” commented Tom Lapping, CEO of Sportshero. ”PSSI is wholly owned by the Indonesian government and is one of the world’s largest sports federations, with 80 million fans spread across four leagues and 128 teams. PSSI has committed to aggressively market the SportsHero developed mobile app to its extensive fan base of over 80 million fans . Indonesia represents the largest digital community in the Association of South East Asian Nations, with 130 million social media users, 177 million mobile users and 120 million mobile social users .”

Following the successful launch of the PSSI Kita Garuda mobile application, SportsHero intends to pursue further agreements with other leading football and sports leagues across Asia and globally. The Linius – SportsHero MSA provides for the deployment of the integrated Linius technology for future SportsHero clients.

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