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Propagate, Asmodee collaborate on Ticket to Ride game

July 1, 2019

Propagate, an content creation and distribution studios, today announced the development of an adventure competition series with Asmodee Entertainment, a newly formed platform of global games publisher and distributor Asmodee, whose titles include Catan, Pandemic, Arkham Horror, KeyForge and Ticket to Ride.

Propagate and Asmodee Entertainment will develop a television series based on Alan R. Moon’s best-selling adventure board game, Ticket To Ride.  The iconic board game, published by Days of Wonder and Asmodee Studios, has been played over 65 million times online and sold over six million copies in more than 40 countries around the world. The television adaptation will be a winner-take-all travel competition series in which five teams take the journey of a lifetime as they seek to complete epic challenges and rack up the most miles by air, land and sea.

“Propagate has earned a reputation for identifying great stories wherever they are and turning them into unique and compelling filmed entertainment,” said Propagate Co-CEO Howard Owens and President Greg Lipstone. “This project and partnership are perfect examples of that and we are thrilled to be in business with the like-minded people at Asmodee.”

“Asmodee Entertainment will develop new and exciting entertainment experiences based on the vibrant universes of our popular games. We are delighted to bring one of our most iconic properties to life with the help of our visionary partners at Propagate. We look forward to future collaborations,” said Asmodee’s President Stéphane Carville.

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