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Vodafone Portugal unveils new 4K STB

July 18, 2019

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Vodafone Portugal has introduced a new set-top box with 4K resolution for its Vodafone TV service, featuring a voice control option via Bluetooth and a simpler user interface.

The voice tool uses a language recognition system developed by Google capable of combining different search parameters, including channel name, TV programme or movie. The AI algorithm incorporated in the Vbox 4K software suggests recommendations according to user tastes.

The operator claims that privacy will not be put at risk, as the microphone built into the command will only be activated when the voice control button is pressed, and that the data will be processed through a cloud system also provided by Google.

The Vbox 4K has a section for children called ‘Espaço Kids’, which organises the contents by channel and characters. A configurable parental control system provides better control of exposure time in front of the screen, locking up the TV automatically and imposing a safety pin code to perform actions. Also, existing applications such as HBO Portugal, Netflix, YouTube and YouTube Kids have been improved.

The relaunched Vodafone TV service is available as part of the new triple-play package with HBO included for €36.90/month, or the quad-play packages.

Vodafone claims it currently has more than 630,000 subscribers for its TV service.

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