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Spain: DTT new frequencies July 24 start

July 19, 2019

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The first DTT switch-on for the new frequencies will start on July 24th in Baleares Islands and Cáceres in the western part of Spain.

The General Director of Telecommunications, Roberto Sánchez, said that around 36,000 buildings in those areas will have to readjust their antennas. In September, other provinces will commence the DTT migration, such as Almería. Albacete and Badajoz.

Spain has been divided into 75 geographical areas affecting the DTT migration to 850,000 buildings, half the Spanish population. Spaniards will be able to apply for public aid to finance the migration from September 2019. The Administration will give funds of up to €150 million for DTT migration.

The fund will be destined to neighbourhoods to finance the adjustment of antennas, with sums between €104.30 and €677.95 for every residential community, depending on the necessary infrastructure. The financial aid is lower than the €289 million granted in the first DTT migration in 2015.

Spaniards must retune their antennas before DTT transmissions in the 694-790 MHz band are switched off  by June 2020.

Under the new DTT plan, broadcasters must release the current 694-790 MHz band in favour of 5G services and use the 470-694 MHz band with radioelectric channels from 21 to 48. Broadcasters will operate the same and the current eight digital multiplexes (RGE1, RGE2, MPE1, MPE2, MPE3, MPE4, MPE5 and MAUT) will keep nationwide and regional coverage – but must migrate to HD before January 1st 2023.

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