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Memnon introduces MemnonBox

July 31, 2019

Memnon, a Sony company, and provider of services to digitise, restore and preserve archives, has today unveiled a simple and convenient, on-demand digitisation service, MemnonBox. Developed in line with the growing demand for scalable asset digitisation, the new in-mail e-commerce service delivers professional format digitisation for smaller projects – empowering customers to digitise and leverage their archive assets and legacy content.

MemnonBox is a unique service in the B2B space and the latest addition to Sony Intelligent Media Services (IMS), a portfolio of open technology and services that allows customers to unlock more value from their content. By enabling customers to only pay for what they need, when they need it, the simple and easy-to-use service combines convenience, scalability and quality. MemnonBox helps customers to monetise their archives, generate new content at lower costs, and increase efficiency in using both financial and human resources. By re-using archived content, media organisations can significantly reduce the production costs for new content.

Customers simply select and order a package from MemnonBox including box-packing material and barcodes to fill with archives they wish to convert – whether to create new content, enable the use of content for new projects, or simply preserve content for future use. For MemnonBox to start processing and digitising the archive(s) into a customer’s chosen format, the box can either be collected by Memnon or dropped off at a logistics partner shop, located across Europe. Once complete, all original media, along with the new digitised files, will be returned to the customer.

Baku Morikuni, Head of Memnon, comments: “Having served the largest collections and archives around the world, we saw an opportunity to deliver high-quality professional format digitisation for smaller projects on-demand in the most convenient and simple way. We’ve ultimately applied our learnings and expertise at Memnon to deliver a tailored offering that brings our high-quality service to a much wider audience and helps organisations unlock unique legacy content in new environments. With projects starting from as little as €399, MemnonBox makes it possible for organisations to convert archives of any scale into valuable assets. It really is as simple as selecting the right box and placing the order.”

Stuart Almond, Head of Sony Intelligent Media Services, adds: “The launch of MemnonBox is yet another great example of how the Sony Intelligent Media Services division is offering agile and scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of any organisation or institution and help them add value to their content. With MemnonBox, we are helping customers to better preserve, organise and optimise their archives and resources in order to ‘Go Make Tomorrow’. The service’s launch is testament to our mission of continuing to pioneer new products and services that will drive business transformation for companies and content creators across Europe.”

With applications across a breadth of industries – from media and production to sports, medical and corporate, and a selection of packages for all major professional video, audio, film and photo formats, MemnonBox will help businesses realise the commercial and creative potential of their content. The service is supported across Western Europe in English, French, German and Spanish and gives customers the choice of hard drives, LTOs or cloud services to store their new content on.

Customers can order MemnonBox online via Pricing for packages ranges from €399 (S) and €9,999 (XXL), including the cost of hard disks, LTOs or online uploads to the cloud. It supports all major AV formats from VHS over Betacam to film or microcassettes, photographic to disk and digital media formats.

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