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Narrative data partnership with Inscape

August 1, 2019

Narrative, a data commercialisation platform and marketplace making the data economy more transparent and efficient, has announced a strategic relationship with Inscape, a provider of smart TV viewing data. By integrating Inscape’s ACR-generated, glass level insights from more than 11 million smart TVs into Narrative’s raw data marketplace, companies gain access to a suite of tools that make it easy to standardise, price, manage and distribute data and the ability to integrate data into all platforms and applications.

In 2018 the global revenue for data sales was $19.2 billion and 80 per cent of data buyers expect to spend more in 2019. The race is on for both buyers and sellers to capitalise on the promise of big data. Narrative’s platform centralizes and simplifies the data transaction ecosystem and automates data acquisition and distribution efforts.

“For the data economy to have less friction, marketers and publishers need to operationalise their data strategies as efficiently as possible, without giving up strategic control,” said Founder and CEO of Narrative Nick Jordan. “By integrating Inscape’s Smart TV data, we are rounding out our full spectrum data marketplace and giving marketers access to more precise data sets.”

“Plain and simple, Narrative makes data monetisation and acquisition more efficient by bridging the gap between first and third party data without compromising consumer privacy,” said Greg Hampton, Vice President of Business Development at Inscape.

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