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CBA maintains pressure

August 16, 2019

The C-Band Alliance (CBA) made another filing on August 14th to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and again fired a blistering extra salvo at suggestions made by the ACA Connects Coalition (ACACC).

Peter Pitsch, CBA’s Head of Advocacy and Government Affairs said: “Our Reply Comment documents the numerous timing, technological and legal flaws that various stakeholders have identified in the ‘not ready for prime time’ ACA Connects Coalition proposal. It also builds on our previously filed technical analysis that rigorously demonstrates what operating parameters will foster efficient 5G deployment without risking harmful interference to our customers. Overall, the record demonstrates that the C-Band Alliance proposal best achieves the FCC’s objective of expeditiously clearing spectrum for 5G while also protecting the valuable incumbent services in the C-band.”

The CBA’s filing described the ACACC proposals as self-serving and “ill-advised”, adding: “The Coalition’s lack of a serious plan to implement its proposal has, understandably, caused serious concern among content companies, broadcasters, and other parties which rely on Fixed Satellite Service (“FSS”) to reach American consumers.  Moreover, the record confirms the unrealistic nature of the Coalition’s pie-in-the-sky promises concerning a quick rollout of fiber nationwide.  Among other things, the comments show that the Coalition has vastly undercounted the number of Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (“MVPDs”) that would need to be fibered under its plan, and thus has greatly underestimated the necessary buildout time.  Even where the Coalition does acknowledge necessary milestones, it grossly underestimates the time it will take to reach them.”

“The complex, inchoate, and time-consuming “plan” proposed by the Coalition is not only unlawful, it lacks critical details and contains major technical flaws. These glaring deficiencies confirm that the C-Band Alliance is the only entity positioned to protect customers during any transition of C-Band spectrum from FSS to terrestrial flexible use.  Indeed, the Coalition itself confirmed the speculative nature of its proposal by failing to submit supporting comments.  The Coalition now says that it will “supplement” its proposal “weeks” after the comment cycle has closed,” the filing concluded.

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