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Technicolor launches Wi-Fi XL

August 20, 2019

Technicolor has announced the global availability of its Wi-Fi XL solution for network service providers (NSPs) seeking to offer improved in-home wireless performance while managing the growing complexity associated with offering multi-user gigabit services to consumers. Technicolor’s gateways and extenders developed for the Wi-Fi XL solution are built to support the latest Wi-Fi 6 and EasyMesh standards which enables NSPs to address the challenges of providing seamless in-home connectivity.

“While operators have made a lot of progress in bringing gigabit speeds to the home, NSPs are looking for ways to ensure that both speed and connectivity are maintained and propagated throughout the home via in-home Wi-Fi networks,” said Ashwani Saigal, Vice President, of Technicolor’s Broadband Product Unit.

This is a customer need that is only going to grow in importance as the complexity of in-home wireless environments rises, resulting in network performance degradation and end-user frustration.

“A growing number of devices — including phones, TVs, and new IoT equipment — are all trying to connect to the wireless network all the time. This is creating dense connectivity environments that generate throughput issues. Increasingly, end users are turning to their NSPs to address these issues. Technicolor’s Wi-Fi XL solution represents the latest evolution in our ongoing mission to meet this market need,” Saigal said.

“The specially developed gateways and extenders support Technicolor’s HOMEWARE– based on the latest Open WRT release — and RDK-B middleware environments. This means that NSPs will be able to benefit from the innovations that are already emerging from Technicolor’s HERO Partnership Program that makes the connected home in general and wireless connectivity in particular, a new playground for technology companies and developers,” concluded Saigal.

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