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Limelight API expansion speeds up service development

August 21, 2019

Limelight Networks, a provider of edge cloud services, has expanded the management and configuration capabilities of its suite of services with new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and web portal offerings. With these new capabilities in addition to existing APIs and Software Development Kits, developers now have more power to manage and monitor services across Limelight’s edge cloud platform.

Limelight’s new Configuration API enables developers to configure Limelight services and programmatically integrate them into their workflows. It exposes the full set of Limelight customer-facing configuration options to developers via a well-documented, modern REST API, with predefined Service Profile templates for common use cases to accelerate the learning curve.

A new interactive API Explorer tool is also available that provides documentation, code samples and the ability to try Limelight APIs in a sandbox environment before going into production. Developers can see the impact of new code, troubleshoot issues, and test a range of Limelight APIs before deployment.

For operations teams, identical configuration capabilities are also available via the secure Limelight Control portal, which features new predefined use-case-based templates that make creating configurations fast and easy. Organizations are free to use the Limelight Control portal and the Configuration API interchangeably to create and manage delivery configurations.

“Our new APIs make it easier for developers to access the full power of our network,” said Steve Miller-Jones, Vice President of Product Strategy at Limelight. “They can manage, monitor and control their software deployments and easily integrate Limelight into existing automation workflows. The end result is faster development and delivery of new services for their customers.”

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