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UPC goes 1Gb throughout Switzerland

August 27, 2019

UPC is currently preparing for the introduction of a 1 gigabit offer which will soon be available throughout Switzerland. In doing so, UPC is making a fundamental contribution to digitisation in Switzerland. For this purpose, the company has continuously and systematically invested in its high-performance cable infrastructure. A further step in the direction of giga-speed is the TV channel change, which will take place on August 27th. Some customers will have to run a manual channel search that day.

At the beginning of this year, along with the launch of the growth plan, UPC started preparing for the introduction of a gigabit offering across the entire UPC network. This year the company is investing CHF 275 million in its own products, network and customer service. As a result of these investments, gigabit offers will be available throughout Switzerland later this year. Thanks to its superior fibre optic cable technology, UPC is the only provider in Switzerland capable of introducing gigabit speeds across its entire coverage area – urban and rural. Unlike the competition, which currently only offers gigabit speeds in metropolitan areas.

Severina Pascu, CEO UPC, said: “With the introduction of nationwide gigabit offers, we are taking digitisation in Switzerland to a new level. On the one hand, rural regions will gain access to gigabit speeds for the first time ever, benefiting both residential and business customers throughout the country, while on the other hand we are offering an attractive alternative in cities with existing gigabit offerings.”

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