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JUMP Data-Driven Video hits 3.5bn playbacks

September 3, 2019

JUMP-Data-Driven Video, the advanced actionable business data platform for the video industry, announced that as of today it processes data for more than 17 million OTT users across 187 countries representing 2 million titles of video content, and reaching 3.5 billion playbacks on 35 million devices.

The company’s rapid growth signals how important data-driven video activities are to effectively manage any video service aiming to compete in the entertainment video market. Leading companies have trusted JUMP’s data driven video technology to maximize their ROI, a roster that includes NBCU, GLOBO, IMG or América Móvil, amongst others.

The video industry is in the middle of a perfect storm of increasing video consumption, intensified competition, and the proliferation of artificial intelligence technology, all of which is turning the video market as we know it on its head.

The JUMP Data-Driven Video business data platform helps video service providers succeed in this changing environment by giving them the tools they need to leverage the vast amount of data their service generates everyday.

JUMP’s platform is focused on making a real, quantifiable impact on video businesses with their offering of advanced business intelligence, churn management, and personalization. Together this functionality delivers a unique, powerful tool that enables video services to successfully address the challenges associated with transforming their video services into Data-Driven video businesses.

“Video services generate more data than ever before, but unfortunately most of them struggle to effectively ingest, cleanse, analyze, and enhance it – the steps needed to convert data into the insights they need to proactively act on the data in the interest of reaching audience expectations and positively impacting their entertainment business” says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and cofounder of the Jump  “Our data driven-video solution helps video service providers with the specific challenge of building a highly performing video business that leads to an increase of their overall video service ROI.”

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