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Telefe and MTV deliver live broadcasts using CenturyLink’s Vyvx Solutions

September 3, 2019

Viacom International Media Networks Americas, broadcasts live events like “La Voz Argentina” and the MTV Awards programmes, using Vyvx, a high quality content delivery solution provided by CenturyLink, a global technology provider.

“Viacom needs to maintain connections for the transmission of its events, like MTV’s live international broadcasts, with excellent quality and speed,” explained Pablo Yañez, vice president of connectivity, media and IP services, CenturyLink, Latin America. “Working with Viacom, we determined that Vvyx is the ideal solution for entertainment companies with a need for continuously broadcasting live events such as theirs.”

In 2018, CenturyLink started working with Viacom to deliver MTV’s international live broadcasts, including all the various MTV awards programs. A unique aspect of the program delivery is the use of satellite signals which enable live dubbing, so the content can be retransmitted, in a variety of different languages, to Viacom’s Network Operations Center through Vyvx and aired, in language, in other world regions.

“The requirements for occasional links demand a provider that is able to quickly adapt, and provide deployments in a timely manner,” said Gustavo Alejandro Embon, broadcasting senior manager for Viacom. “CenturyLink plays a fundamental role in our successful delivery of live, high-quality content to millions of viewers.  That is why we believe they are the ideal partner for this type of solution.”

Leading broadcasters in the Viacom network, like Telefe, which broadcasts the reality talent show, “La Voz, Argentina,” worked with CenturyLink to broadcast live programs. To transmit the programs, CenturyLink deploys a solid system of fiber links between the broadcast location and Viacom’s Network Operation Center in New York, which enables the sharing and distribution of content in real-time.

Live transmissions require not only secure, high-quality connections, but also appropriate coordination and dedicated technical support. To that end, it is fundamental to count on a provider which offers the necessary technical resources and can also provide reliability and local contacts to face these challenges together.

CenturyLink provides the necessary technical infrastructure to ensure the adequate broadcast of live events through Vyvx, which is a critical service for entertainment companies. Here are some key facts about Vyvx:

  • Vyvx is a fast, scalable solution which enables programmers and distributors to add new channels utilizing a simple operational environment.
  • Vyvx Solutions broadcasts more than 10,000 sporting events annually.
  • Vyvx delivered more than 194,430 Hours Total (or 11.7 million minutes) of sporting events in 2018.
  • Vyvx Solutions provide connectivity to more than 200 U.S. sporting venues.
  • Dedicated Service Minutes: 1.58 Billion Total broadcast minutes.
  • Occasional Live Service Minutes: 26.6 Million total broadcast minutes.

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