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Tremor Video AI upgrade

September 5, 2019

By Sanjeev Bhavnani

Tremor Video, the programmatic video platform, has expanded its demand-side platform’s (DSP) advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology. The move positions Tremor Video at the forefront of the industry – revolutionising the concept of data-driven marketing with a platform that is capable of adjusting for user behaviour based on real-time changes in the market.

“Tremor Video understands that no two campaigns are alike, and each deserves its own neural network to act on its behalf in real-time, consistently ensuring the best price per performance, and providing advertisers with the most effective platform in the market,” said Tal Mor, CTO at Tremor Video. “Our team of engineers and data scientists have worked vigorously to create a self-learning system that personalizes campaign buying behavior in order to pinpoint the most suitable audience out of billions of potential impressions.”

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