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Syntelix chooses Hispasat

September 11, 2019

Syntelix, the satellite telecommunications solutions provider, specialised in remote environments and mobility communications, has chosen Hispasat, the Spanish satellite telecommunications operator, to bring its connectivity solutions to the American maritime market.

Demand in the maritime connectivity market is defined by accentuated peaks and seasonal variation. Hispasat and Syntelix have therefore developed USAIL, the most efficient and flexible on-demand VSAT connectivity offer on the market. This proposal boasts highly innovative services in this region which are backed by more than three years of sustained growth in Europe. Thanks to this agreement, the companies are now rolling out USAIL on the American maritime market to service fishing fleets, ferries that navigate the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific coast of Latin America, as well as the merchant marine operating routes in this region.

According to José Antonio Guerra, Head of Hispasat’s Commercial Office “the collaboration with Syntelix has been essential for Hispasat’s growth in the maritime sector. Since it was first launched, the USAIL brand has been an example of an innovative business model and we are convinced that we will have great success on the American market”. Carlos Derqui, co-founder and CEO of Syntelix, added that “the expansion of our proposal to the American market from the 30º West position and the rapid recorded growth serve as confirmation for the strategic partnership developed by both companies over the last few years and an example of why Hispasat’s fleet is perfect to meet the demand at sea”.

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