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PitPat launches commercial targeting dogs on UKTV

September 16, 2019

By Nik Roseveare

PitPat, an activity tracker app for dogs, is launching its first TV advertising campaign designed specifically to capture the attention of canines. The ad will debut exclusively on all UKTV channels today (September 16th) as part of the broadcaster’s airtime-for-equity deal with the pet fitness brand.

The ad will run on all UKTV channels – Alibi, Dave, Drama, Eden, Gold, W, and Yesterday – until early 2020, benefitting from exposure on commercial airtime through UKTV’s innovation fund, UKTV Ventures. The campaign will have a net value of £1 million.

Director of UKTV Ventures, Sheena Amin, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with PitPat to help grow its brand through TV advertising on our network. UKTV Ventures is committed to helping companies new to TV advertising build their brand and scale up by benefiting from the wide reach, trust and recognition only achieved through TV advertising. I’m looking forward to seeing the positive impact that PitPat’s engaging ad will undoubtedly have on the growth of its business.”

The 30 second film, directed by Wonderhood’s senior creative, Sam Cadman, delivers a sequence of triggers designed to get dogs fired-up in anticipation of playtime outdoors. As the comedy unravels, it becomes clear that it’s not just dogs who love walkies with PitPat but their owners too – all thanks to the points, perks and prizes they get for keeping their pets happy and healthy.

PitPat founder Andrew Nowell, added: “Our aim was to show that PitPat makes walkies as exciting and rewarding for owners as it is for their dogs. The concept also really speaks to one of our core brand values: PitPat is made for dogs and so is our ad.”

UKTV Ventures launched in 2017 and offers commercial airtime to high-growth start-ups wishing to access the television advertising market for the first time. Under the terms of the multi-million-pound fund, UKTV obtains an equity stake in the company, helping to build brand awareness and scale the business.


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