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Virgin TV UHD drama The Feed premieres

September 16, 2019

Virgin Media’s latest Ultra High Definition TV series “The Feed” will premiere exclusively on Virgin TV Ultra HD at 9pm on September 16th.

The Studio Lambert, all3media, Liberty Global and Amazon original series, produced in association with Virgin Media, is a near-future dystopian thriller, starring Guy Burnet (Counterpart, Mortdecai, Asher and Pitch Perfect 3), Nina Toussaint-White (Bodyguard, EastEnders, Switch, GameFace), David Thewlis (Big Mouth, Wonder Woman, Naked, Harry Potter, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) and Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones, Suits, Misfits, The White Princess).

The Feed follows the Hatfield family, famed for their father Lawrence’s invention of The Feed – a high-tech brain implant which allows people to instantly share thoughts, memories and emotions – and explores the complex and dramatic relationship between the eldest son Tom, his family and the invasive and terrifying technology they’ve sold to the world.

The series sees Tom and his wife Kate trying to resist their addiction to tech, and disregard his family’s pleas for them to be more engaged with the family business. But, when something – or someone – starts accessing people’s minds through The Feed and ‘taking’ them over the Hatfield family try to hide the truth about what is happening and Tom realises he has to try and save the world from their twisted creation.

David Bouchier, Chief Digital Entertainment Officer at Virgin Media said, “The Feed is an unmissable addition to our TV line up. It explores our addiction to technology and our frantic fear of living without it, while inducing thought provoking questions about the future of tech. The series is packed with suspense and will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, as the scarily plausible storyline unfolds.”

The series features ten hour long episodes and is based on Nick Clarke Windo’s novel and written by showrunner Channing Powell, the writer and co- executive producer of five seasons of “The Walking Dead”.

The Feed is available exclusively on Virgin Media in the UK with new episodes premiering every week from Monday 16th September. Virgin Media customers with the Bigger bundle or the Ultimate Oomph bundle can view The Feed on the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel (999) from 9pm on 16th September. The series will also be available On Demand in HD for all Virgin TV customers to enjoy it.

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