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4K TV package with 5 UHD channels

September 24, 2019

The global TV marketplace has a new addition in the realm of 4K entertainment. Every television operator and telecom can, for the first time, introduce an entirely 4K quality television bundle to their audience, that is comprised of 5 UHD channels.

The first in the world 4K TV package was officially launched on the 15th of September and is available globally to every telecom and television operator.

The channels come in 3840×2160 UHD, with High Dynamic Range, supporting both 60 and 50 fps, and with a Wide Color Gamut. All of the content has been natively shot in 4K.

This 4K TV package is created especially to cover the needs of every television provider by including 5 unique TV channels.

WOW! 4K- the extreme sports channel for action sports, lifestyle & entertainment. WOW! 4K takes the audience on the road less traveled, connects them to inspiring stories & the people behind them, and shows them heart-pounding stunts. The programming includes incredible adrenaline pumping scenes that take the breath away of every action sports fan. Viewers can feel the pulsing heartbeat of every competitor while sitting comfortably on the couch at home.

Chillayo 4K – the relax channel. It features beauty from around the world, combined with human-curated music, creating a fine, peaceful atmosphere for every moment of the day. The channel is designed to treat anxiety and lower stress in every home. This is achieved with a special selection of videos and acoustic bioresonance- sounds intertwined with music, that help the brain calm down. Chillayo 4K is suitable for every member of the family and has a Full HD version as well.

Speed Factor 4K- the motorsports channel for speed loving maniacs. The channel takes the audience on a high-speed journey on 2 & 4 wheels, on land or snow, in air and water. Speed Factor 4K connects every viewer to sports stars & their inspiring stories & shows them races in extreme conditions. The sports entertainment channel includes over 500 hours of events, vintage vehicles, showrooms, tunings, innovations, futuristic cars, repairs, reviews and news.

Pet & Pal 4k- the channel for pets, nature and animals presents an inspiring selection of documentary movies for the animal kingdom. Through world-class vets, photographers, explorers, & filmmakers, Pet & Pal 4K gets the audience closer to the stories that matter. Viewers will travel the world experiencing wildlife in its natural habitat from locations in over 150 countries that are sure to bring insightful moments to every home. Every audience member can go into the wild nature and take a walk in natural reserves, with real colors, smooth motion and extreme detail that make nature come to live.

Party’s 4k –is most dynamic party music channel in the world. It features incredibly well curated music from over the globe, combined with concerts, exciting interviews & behind the scenes. It is made for men & women aged 16-34, or for anyone who loves fun and dancing. Party’s 4K is the successor of Party’s HD, the channel that has conquered the hearts of over 20 million viewers in the world with its incredible music selection of 40000 videos.

Each of the 5 channels in the 4K TV Package of Mimyuni, the official distributer of the channels, is launching with a 500 hour library, and consecutively will add 50 hours of content as a monthly refresh. The 24/7 channels are 100% commercial free and with 100% native UHD content, owing to the vigorous content screening policy, with extensive hours spent of screening and selecting the programming. The content is shot in 10 bit, which gives cleaner gradients and less banding in the final image. Mimyuni has a flexible technical approach that enables compatibility with every operator and all 4K set-top boxes. Each channel consumes 30 mbps of internet traffic and is HEVC encoded.

Mimyuni’s Marketing Director, Mr. Jo Bikarski, said: “We are inspired to be the only company in the world to be able to offer as many as 5 UHD channels. This 4K TV package is bound to ease operators and provide them and the viewers with a sufficient amount of channels with superior quality content for their new 4K platforms and newly bought 4K TVs. We are taking this leap to create even more value for our audiences and operators.”

The 4K TV package is easily delivered over IP to TV operators everywhere. Every operator gets a free test of the 5 channels for 10 days, which can be requested at any time and does not bind the operators to make a purchase. This way they can monitor the channels’ technical performance on the platform, the content and quality.

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