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Simulmedia, Kochava ad partnership

September 24, 2019

Simulmedia, the preeminent provider of audience-based, data-optimised TV advertising, and Kochava, the mobile attribution platform and host a mobile data marketplace, have announced a partnership that enables brands to activate TV media plans that are based on the networks, dayparts and programmes their mobile consumers are actually watching.

“As a result of this partnership, marketers will be able to easily and quickly use TV advertising to increase consumer engagement with their mobile apps,” said Simulmedia CEO and Founder, Dave Morgan. “There’s no one company that knows more about mobile users and usage than Kochava. As mobile acquisition costs increase, we’re excited to give marketers an affordable, scalable and fast TV alternative to reach their consumers.”

Leveraging Simulmedia’s predictive daily insights into TV viewership and Kochava’s rich mobile data analytics and tools, marketers will have an extremely precise view of their target users viewing habits, including most popular programmes, networks, days, and dayparts simply by accessing their Kochava dashboard. This also will make it faster and easier for marketers to build and measure TV media campaigns in real-time based on a variety of different audiences and objectives, from acquisition to awareness.

“We are partnering with Simulmedia to address a critical marketing problem for the first time: how to understand the relationship between broad-based mobile consumption and linear TV,” said Charles Manning, CEO and Founder of Kochava. “This partnership provides the only way  for brands to use their mobile data to access and optimize linear TV audiences easily and transparently. Our partnership will provide marketers with tools that help them master the modern media landscape with the only at-scale, mobile audience activation solution for TV.”

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