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SPI/FilmBox’s content production strategy includes new movies & TV series

September 24, 2019

SPI International announces its content production strategy for the coming years, which will include several movies and TV series. The first product of this strategy, the gangster comedy musical Mister Mayfair, will be screened for the first time at MipCOM on Monday October 14th, between 2:30 PM and 3:45 PM in Auditorium K, Palais des Festivals.

Earlier this year, SPI/FilmBox announced that they started to invest in movie and TV series productions. This strategic approach resulted in a partnership with movie director and producer Philippe Martinez that called for four uniquely entertaining productions. SPI/FilmBox’s content production strategy promises more movies and TV series to come in the following years that viewers everywhere will enjoy.

“We believe that we have found something extraordinary in our partnership with Philippe. His creativity and work ethic along with his artistic approach to film-making, helps us bring to life entertaining and multi-dimensional stories that will delight audiences worldwide,” said Loni Farhi, President of SPI International.

Among these four productions is the gangster comedy musical, Mister Mayfair, a trilogy about the ups and downs of former New York gangster turned London nightclub owner, Max Mayfair. In an attempt to escape his past, Max Mayfair builds himself a brand new life brimming with music and dance, surrounded by beautiful and talented people. However, Mister Mayfair’s picture-perfect new life turns upside down when his unknown granddaughter, arrives bearing stories of his past as a safe-cracking, New York gangster. The trilogy stars renowned actor Armand Assante as the titular character, along with movie industry veterans Steven Bauer and Ken Davitian. The trilogy is directed by Philippe Martinez and produced in partnership with SPI International, Goldfinch and 365 Flix International.

SPI/FilmBox will hold a Market Screening for Mister Mayfair at MipCOM on October 14th, Monday, between 2:30PM and 3:45PM in Auditorium K, Palais des Festivals. The audience will have the chance to watch 15 mins from each of the three Mister Mayfair movies.

“Working with Loni and the SPI International family has been an absolutely wonderful experience. I am very excited to collaborate with these talented people again on future projects that exude passion, drama, music and resonate well with the audience,” said writer/producer and film-maker, Philippe Martinez.

The other productions include: Salvage Marines, a brand new TV series based on a book by writer Sean-Michael Argo. Casper Van Dien and Peter Shinkoda are the protagonists in a story about a group of soldiers on a militarized deep space operation called Salvage Marines.

The third production, The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud, is a sci-fi action comedy starring Scott Adkins and Tommy Flanagan tells the story of a space cruiser that crashes on a planet that is home to an intergalactic prison, resulting in all kinds of funny and quirky mishaps.

The fourth production, Miss Willoughby and Bentley, is a trilogy starring John Rhys Davies and Nathalie Cox as the beautiful professor who solves the mysteries behind crimes with her ex-butler Robert and cheeky but reliable dog, Bentley.

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