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Murdochs suffer pay cut

September 25, 2019

By Chris Forrester

Rupert Murdoch, in his position as Chairman of 21st Century Fox, ‘only’ received $42 million (€38.1m) in pay and bonus compensation last year, according to a Securities & Exchange Commission filing.

This is down on the overall $49.2 million he received in 2018 (although better than the $29.3 million paid in 2017).

Rupert’s compensation package is made up a salary of $6.5 million, plus share awards worth $12.7 million, a $7 million payment in accord with 21st C Fox’s incentive plan as well as an $11 million payment in terms of deferred compensation.

Lachlan Murdoch received $42.1 million as CEO (down from $50.7 million last year).

However, if you strip out the value of the recent – and extraordinary – Disney acquisition of 21st Century Fox, then the Murdochs pay would have been significantly less. The SEC filing states that Rupert would have received $29.3 million for last year while Lachlan would have received $23.6 million.

James Murdoch is not included in the filing as he left 21st C Fox after the spin-off of the business.

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