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CBA “aggressively” looking at more than 200 MHz

September 27, 2019

By Chris Forrester

FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, as previously reported, is firmly in favour of seeking the C-Band Alliance (CBA) freeing up 300 MHz of satellite spectrum for relocation for 5G usage over the US.  Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington DC this week he stated that the US needs 300 MHz of C-band spectrum freed up and added that the CBA was willing to auction off 300 MHz.

The CBA’s current plan is to free up only 180 MHz (plus a 20MHz guard band).  Indeed, SES jumped immediately on September 24th to stress that it had NOT agreed to the 300 MHz request.

However, the CBA’s official spokesperson, Peter Pitsch, speaking at the same event, said that the Alliance was working “aggressively looking at clearing more than 200 MHz” but had yet to target more than 200 MHz.

Analysts generally accept that while the first 200 MHz is part of current planning by the CBA, the ‘next’ 100 MHz, while being achievable over time, represents a greater challenge.

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