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Musk unveils his BFR

October 1, 2019

By Chris Forrester

Elon Musk has unveiled his Starship Mk 1 ‘Big Falcon Rocket’ at its South Texas assembly facility. Musk said that test flight will start in a month or two, and be ready to reach orbit within 6 months.

The prototype rocket is a beast, standing some 50 metres high, and was in the background as Musk addressed press, local VIPs and staff.

That debut flight will take the BFR to some 65000 ft (about 20 kms) and then bring it back to Earth. Musk told those present that the orbital flight could happen with a Mk III rocket, and that particular version would start being built in a few weeks from the South Texas site at Boca Chica.

A Mk II version is currently under construction at Musk’s facility near Cape Canaveral.

These debut test flights will all be unmanned, but Musk added that manned rockets could happen later next year although would be subject to licensing by the Federal Aviation Administration.

In typical fashion, Musk Tweeted that his Starship project will be the most powerful rocket in history and that the unveiling was taking place exactly 11 years since a SpaceX rocket first reached orbit.

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