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VeEX introduces new QoE assurance test set for emerging Gigabit Internet services

October 1, 2019

VeEX, a global player in innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks, has announced the NET-BOX, a multi-port HTTP/TCP test set for the emerging Gigabit Internet market. Driven by an intuitive tablet or smartphone app, this compact, yet advanced battery-operated test set (Patent #: US008902607) offers four simultaneous 1GE ports, along with one 2.5GE SFP port. The powerful NET-BOX delivers up to 4 Gbps of Layer 4+ throughput line rate in a lightweight, convenient and flexible package, all at a low cost.

As business and residential Internet access services approach and surpass the 1 Gbps barrier, costly challenges may arise for service providers. This is due to the potential discrepancies between measurable Quality of Services (QoS) and customers’ perceived QoE based on informal tests performed with limited hardware and software. With advertisements promising multi-Gig services, DOCSIS 3.1, WiFi 6, Fiber/PON, and 5G speeds, consumers want to verify that their premium broadband services are being delivered as promised. Unfortunately, PCs and laptops stop short of 1 Gbps and are not at all applicable beyond 1 Gig. VeEX’s NET-BOX test platform offers field technicians an affordable, high performance solution to reliably perform such proof of performance speed tests at the customer premise, without limitations.

“In this era of self-install kits, tech savvy customers equipped with bargain laptops, tablets, or smartphones, are limited by CPU power, data interface <1GE, free apps and older network equipment. They may not be capable of achieving or verifying the high-speed broadband services being offered,” said Ildefonso Polo, VP of Product Marketing for VeEX. “If service providers don’t use the right tools to prove their actual performance, it may lead to poor perceived QoE, frustration, churn, unnecessary service calls and expensive truck rolls to troubleshoot non-existent problems.”

The NET-BOX is an optimized QoS testing platform that offers an affordable, reliable, high performance FPGA-based alternative to expensive high-end laptops often used for enterprise speed tests. With its multi-test port architecture, with four 1GE, one 2.5GE test and 4 Gbps full line rate capability, the NET-BOX can truly test the limits of the service being provisioned, verify QoS and assure QoE for the ever growing speed limits of gigabit internet services beyond 1 Gbps.

To learn more, the NET-BOX will be showcased at SCTE Cable-Tec®Expo in New Orleans, LA, from October 1 to 3, VeEX Booth #761.

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